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UPWARDS OF ENDTIME (From Genesis To Apocalypse And Beyond) CD

Vocalist Phil Swanson belong to those kind of musicians, who are involved into a couple of different bands and projects and I'm surprised that he still has enough time for other things in life. One of this bands is UPWARDS OF ENDTIME, and once again Phil Swanson's characteristic voice is adding something very emotional to the entire sound of the album. This is their third studio album, and this time the music is rooted in the late 70's heavy metal tradition, and especially the legendary period of the NWOBHM comes to my mind while listening to the album. The included songs do not only follow one special formula, and also a few very moody ballads have found their way on the album. Well, the description 'ballad' can sound extremely cheesy, but not in the world of UPWARDS OF ENDTIME. Songs like 'Search for light' or 'A Prayer for the Dying' are melancholic and full of depth and showcases the band in their most intimate moments. This album is a feast of excellent playing with lots of melody, while the production isn't too clean or too polished so that it's a very earthy sound. It also sounds relaxed and balanced in mood, although the dark moments of this album will touch everyone who still feel the beating of the heart. This is an exceptional album from an exceptional band and it's always a delight to listen to a band, which is so honest and creative like UPWARDS OF ENDTIME. It has been released in 2007 by the German underground label Barbarian Wrath, and it's good enough now to find a place in your music collection.