UNEARTHLY TRANCE (Season Of Seance, Science Of Silence) 2LP/CD

At the end of 2002, when I had interviewed Rion Lipynsky, vocalist/guitarplayer of UNEARTHLY TRANCE, he told me about the upcoming full-length debut and I was totally excited, because this band is one of today's most promising uncompromising heavy doom bands. They have released excellent demos in the last years, where UNEARTHLY TRANCE have developed a very unique harsh style. Some describe their sound as a mixture between Grief, Winter and Neurosis, but that's not really accurate and especially the Neurosis link is far away from the right description. Check out the here presented six songs, and bow down to a sound that leaves the boundaries of Vitus-styled doom behind, just to fix it with the cold and harsh spirit of black metal originals as Mayhem or Burzum. This sound is free from any pathetic shit (gothic!), which you find so often in the so-called funeral doom genre. Half of the songs are nearly ten minutes long and very slooow, but still interesting and atmospheric, what means that there's no lack in song-writing talent.

UNEARTHLY TRANCE don't want to sound heavy and extreme, no they are heavy and extreme from the hairs to the toes. A perfect example is "Mass Of The Phoenix", with its occult and surrealistic atmosphere. The added spoken word samples of Aleister Crowley enrich the mysterious atmosphere of "Mass Of The Phoenix". I could lose a mass of words about the other five tracks, but nothing will come close to the bizarre beauty of this music. The album was mixed by Stephen O' Malley, and it's no surprise, that he has done an excellent job. I really hope and wish, that UNEARTHLY TRANCE will get the the attention they deserve, because they are one of the most original and unique ultra-heavy bands of today, and I'm not kidding. The album will be released on Rise Above Records for the European market and on The Music Cartel for the USA. For additional infos, visit the dark homepage of UNEARTHLY TRANCE. Buy and die!