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This is the number five in the Southern Lord singles club, released 2001 and this time UNEARTHLY TRANCE are featured with two tracks. "Lord Humanless Awakens" is the first one, and it's hard to pigeonhole the music of this band. It's an uncompromising and intense mixture, enriched with weighty and sludgy riffage, vocals that are switching between growls, melodic parts and a bit of Black Metal. Very atmospheric and very morbid. "Summoning the Beast" is a slow doomy number, that's more in the vein of Winter with some interwoven clear vocal-parts and a bit of melodic guitarwork. A very promising band and I hope, that they come up with a album in the future. You can order this collectors item from Southern Lord and check out the latest new at the UNEARTHLY TRANCE homepage.