Their contribution to the Southern Lord singles club included two promising songs, but "Hadit" shows the full potential of the band. Four brandnew tracks are here to discover in a total running time of 30 min.+, so I've decided to feature this CD in the LP section. The world of UNEARTHLY TRANCE is filled with less light and hope. Brutal crushing and weighty riffs are creating a mournful and sinister atmosphere, that is rich on emotions. The diabolic and tortured vokills supports the hostile weighty sound. The production, if there's one, is filthy and noisy but it doesn't take away the power of the material. They've added a few drone and mid-tempo parts,samples and ready is the perfect sound for my misanthropic days. For me, UNEARHTLY TRANCE are one of the most promising extreme US-underground acts with their unholy fascinating mixture of Doom/Black-Metal and Crustcore. The self-financed and self-released CD comes with a b/w booklet that contains all lyrics and additional photos/infos and I give you the advice to order it directly on the UNEARTHLY TRANCE website.