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UNEARTHLY TRANCE (Frost Walk With Me) 7"

Before they unleashed their highly recommandable debut "Season Of Seance, Science Of Silence" album, UNEARTHLY TRANCE had taken the chance to release two of their songs through the Portland-based label Parasitic Records. On the A-side the band destroys with the previously unreleased "Frost Walk With Me", an harsh black metallic up-tempo number, which includes a few slow and destructive riffs. The recording quality isn't the best, but in this case it's supports the band's own typical mystikal ambience. Though, I've listened to stonger material of them, I really like this dirty and unfriendly anthem. On the flipside, you find "Vitriolic Veracity Vs. The Vortex", which has been released before on the amazing "Hadit" CD-R. "V.V.V.V." is more a typical UE track, with its slow themes and massive riffs, and a very unique and morbid vibe. I can't discover any great differences to the recorded version on "Hadit", but the dirty and unpolished production adds a very special dimension to their sound. If you dig the other recordings of this band, than you must have this 7", with its tasteful cover-artwork, including all lyrics and a nice sticker. It's a high-quality release!!!