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This American band was formerly known under the name BLACK MOUNTAIN, but after a change in the line-up the band decided to turn into UHRA PENTE. Here we have their first 5 track demo and the band plays an interesting mixture,which consists some slow rolling, ultra-heavy riffs and a weird, psychedelic ambience. MELVINS and BUTTHOLE SURFERS ("Locust Abortion Technician"-era) are two of the bands,which are coming to my mind when I listen to this CD. It´s not easy to pigeon-hole the songs because on the other side UHRA PENTE are very very heavy and doomy, maybe comparable to SONS OF OTIS.The second track "The Wreck Of ... " is a good example.It has some kind of a"Country-feeling" filled with Doom-laden riffs and very good vocals. A track like "A Very Sick World" is a very psychedelic one,with a lot of sound-samples and a fuzzed-out guitar but it isn´t a "usual" Rock song,more something like a soundscape."Fields Of Regret" is a very relaxed number. It sounds so warm,that you can lay back into it. The last track goes more in an ultra-heavy Doom direction. There are only a few bands which sounds so low and heavy.Once again I must mention the vocals. They fit very good to the song and the singer got a a nice style.UHRA PENTE are one of the world´s heaviest Psychedelic bands, but they live on the darker and weirder side. Like I said before, it´s not easy to describe their music. But decide for yourself and order this very good demo from the band.It don´t gets boring and together with the professional layout, you can´t go wrong with UHRA PENTE. E-Mail to: robtheslob24(at)hotmail.com