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UFOMAMMUT (Snailking) CD

If one band perfectely embodies my definition of monstrous and sinister black doom-driven psychedelic brutality, than it's UFOMAMMUT. Of course, they aren't alone in this spheres, but they belong to the top five. This band sounds, as if they have left earth behind, trapped in a black hole of the almighty universe and sending their last massive sonic message down to the base. A few samples here and there, grimly and distorted vocals that are buried deep down in the heavy brew, tons of out-of-space sound f/x and, of course, riffs that are huge like the Mount Everest are belonging to the minimalistic, but effective concept of UFOMAMMUT. But this band gives you enough time to take a breath, before they slowly build up the next ultra-heavy soundscape, and when this moment is in its finest shape, a tasteful heavy groove is interwoven.

You can feel the sound and the energy of the amplifiers, what reminds me to my own lysergic experimentations, when I was a young man and listening to heavy music. While the debut was filled with more colours (like the old cover-artwork), this is black and white light to the max (like the new cover-artwork). For my taste, UFOMAMMUT have progressed into a more serious band, what doesn't mean that this guys were funny before, but with "Snailking" the times are gone, when pussies were on the cover. It seems, as if the bands underline this change with the last track, that is nearly half an hour long, but free from any boring musical hippie crap. It's like the essence of "Snailking". The album offers eight great tracks, and I hope that we can expect more from UFOMAMMUT in the future, because I think they have deserved a bigger attention. Thanks to the US-label The Music Cartel for giving UFOMAMMUT a new home!