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Italy has to offer a lot of great Doom/Psych bands and musicians. PAUL CHAIN or WARHEAD for example or UFOMAMMUT. This ultraheavy psychedelic trio comes up with this six song presentation CD. And it`s awsome! UFOMAMMUT create their own giant and the name describes the music very good , I think. The vocals are from another planet . . . yes , they are far away . The backbone are the heavy riffs and the tight rythm section and a Korg gives the `MAMMUT the power to fly. " Satan" also contains a cover of " Peace of Mind " from the third BLUE CHEER album " New ! Improved ! " and it`s close to the original. At this point I give you the advice to look out for the BLUE CHEER tribute on the italian BLACK WIDOW label where you`ll find UFOMAMMUT`s " Peace of Mind " together with other well- known bands. In March 2000( I think ) UFOMAMMUT will release their first full length chapter under BEARD OF STARS Records and after the " Satan " forerunner it must be an amazing album. So folks, take care of this prehistoric beast, read the inner-view with the band in COSMIC LAVA .