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UFOMAMMUT (Lucifer Songs) 10"/CD-DVD

When you combine sonic brutality with black psychedelia, one of the results can be something comparable to Italy's UFOMAMMUT. Their extreme brute heaviness is based on monstrous and deformed Black Sabbath-riffs , which are enriched with an amount of special sound f/x, vocal samples and merciless grooves, while the distant vocals still sound as if they are coming from a place, that is located in another galaxy. Those who aren't familiar with the group's previous output, should prepare themselves for  an overwhelming and extreme massive wall-of-sound, which can damage the health of very sensitive people. Maybe my words are a little bit silly, but once again, I can't find an appropriate description for UFOMAMMUT's crushing unique sound.

'Lucifer Songs' can be seen as one entire trip (sic!), and so it doesn't make sense to write about single songs here. The simplistic riffs are dragging the listener into a ceaseless, apocalyptic downward spiral where's not much time for breathing or for an escape. The vinyl-edition of  'Lucifer Songs' contains six songs, while the disc has only five ones, but an additional multimedia section. In the case of this group, this visual part is mostly something interesting, because we all know, that the Malleus art community is part of UFOMAMMUT. Well, I'm surprised that this guys still have some time for making music, because there are moments when I think, that their only aim is to glut the Psychedelic/Heavy Rock underground with their art. I think, they won't need very long for that... 'Lucifer Songs' is an outstanding release, which has been released thru the band's own label Supernatural Cat, and I'm looking forward to their third album.