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UFOMAMMUT (Godlike Snake) CD

Finally, the 1st full-length album from UFOMAMMUT released on BEARD OF STARS REC. Nine tracks are on the CD version,the last one is a video track (!) and most of them are unreleased. Only people,who have listen to the "Satan" demo, know some of the songs. The track "Snake" appears also on the compilation of RED SUN REC. But most of the readers don´t know,I think. UFOMAMMUT have created an ultra-heavy psych monster , which is unmistakable. They play very minimalistic,but the whole mixture is effective... a deep absorption in this huge wall of lowest bass-sound and heaviest guitar-riffs is guaranteed !Sometimes this beast goes more in an early HAWKWIND direction , but they still so heavy and really spaced-out. The Korg synthi makes a lot of trippy sonds, the drums are the backbone and the vocals are so far from beyond. I think,this band on stage is like a rocket lift-off...or a mammut stampede!

UFOMAMMUT prove that they are one of the better "newer" acts, they build their own, in some moments, dark world and they should be discovered by you if you a friend of intense heavy psychedelic Rock entertainment. At least some words ´bout the cover. It´s from MALLEUS ,which have painted a lot of good cover graphics, like for the BLUE CHEER TRIBUTE, the RED SUN REC. compilation or the new record of THAT`S ALL FOLKS!. Here on "Godlike Snake" you find a huge pussy with "demoniac" pubic hair , where you can discover a lot! So, watch out for this amazing band and get, as soon as possible, this record. I think you won´t be disappointed!!!