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Outside it's getting spring but the French wrecking crew UFO GESTAPO brings back a filthy, rainy day in November with their debut EP that has been released through Calculon Records in 2008. Here's no room left for any life-affirming principles, and song titles like 'Fear Weed', 'Peace Crap' or 'Commander Mindfuck' support my impression. Happily enough UFO GESTAPO don't rob the complete discography of Grief or EyeHateGod to channelize their negative emotions, and especially the supplemental sound of an organ adds something extremly morbid to their dirty, heavy riff armory. Too bad, that they don't use it in each of the six tracks, but otherwise it could be less effective after more than two songs. Sometimes UFO GESTAPO has integrated sudden eruptions of speed instead of just trudging along in the same pace. 'Mercy's Hole' is a good example, where the band displays their love for harcore punk. Guitarist and vocalist kkk does not only torture the listener with a brutal fuzz sound, but also with some of the sickest and most abrasive vocal assaults, that I've heard in a long time. Needless to say that some of the songs also contain slow, grinding passages and even here the band is able to create something wreckful that stands on one's own feet as for example in 'Commander Mindfuck'. This is, incidentally, a very psychedelic track, with a lot of bizarre sounds in the background. The dry production emphasises the heaviness and hostility of the songs so that UFO GESTAPO offers a real alternative to the usual heavy sludge that we know from the USA. On the whole this is damn ugly bastard of a disc, what is meant in the most positive meaning.