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V.A. (Trip In Time Vol.3) CD

The best compilations are those who feature mostly unreleased tracks from bands that are less known, because that's a good chance to discover some new groups. Trip in Time is a German label, specialized in psychedelic, heavy rock, and garage, whose compilation series 'Trip in Time' is always a save guarantor for a tasteful pack of international bands who play music in the vein of the 60's and early 70's. The third chapter is again a wonderful continuation of that tradition, because here you'll find eighteen bands which cover the wide spectrum from psychedelic rock to acid rock to improvisations to 60's pop and more. This time participating bands/musicians are (I've to take a deep breath now...): ELECTRIC MYSTICAL SOUL VIBRATION, THE PEOPLE, GINGER, JENDA WIGHT, JARVIS JAY, FUZZ MANTA, MOTHER AND SUN, PSYCHOINE, THE MAGNIFICENT BROTHERHOOD, CRYSTAL CARAVAN, LIVING ROOM, THE FLYING EYES, BLACK BOX MASSACRE, SERPENTINA SATELITE, AQUA NEBULA OSCILLATOR, SPACE DEBRIS, FANTASYY FACTORYY and ZAPHIRE OKTALOGUE. It's no surprise that I'm not totally keen on each song, but on the other hand I can't find a song here that is absolutely awful. Some of my personal highlights are GINGER (CH) who deliver a blistering, powerful performance of 70's heavy rock with their song 'Now I see'.

JENDA WIGHT is an American singer/songwriter and her track 'Unstable Mind' is a gorgeous blend of R&B and psychedelic pop. 'Mysterious Thoughts' from FUZZ MANTA (DK) kicks off like early Captain Beyond until the female vocals push the song into another direction without losing its heavy groove. THE MAGNIFICENT BROTHERHOOD (GER) offer an energetic organ-driven 60's garage/freakbeat stomper titled 'My Flash on you', while LIVING ROOM (GER) bewitch the listener with a healthy dose of folk-inspired psychedelic rock with the song 'Times takes Lakes'. Another German band is BLACK BOX MASSACRE, which is the new project from ex-members of Spaceship Landing and Cogan's Bluff. Their song 'Djingis Kong' is a powerful track full of psychedelic leanings and propelled by a heavy groove. AQUA NEBULA OSCILLATOR (FR) make you forget that it's 2009, because 'Celestial Dream' sounds as if it has been recorded in 1968 during a session with members of Blue Cheer, Amon Düül and Hawkwind. Well, I could go on and on with my praise about the other bands, but I leave it you to check them out. The whole package is done in an exemplary manner with interesting liner notes about each bands and additional photos. Do yourself a favor and get a copy as soon as possible!