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V.A. (The Sound Of The Catacombs) CD

Catacomb Records is a very new label which comes from Walsall, UK and this is their first release in 2008, a compilation album featuring seventeen groups from the sludge, doom and heavy rock scene. The bands are SUNS OF THUNDER, OUTBURST, OBIAT, GRIFTER, DIRTYRED, GODSIZE, SPACECHARGE, ABDULLAH, ALUNA, BLACK CESAR, I AM COLOSSUS, SONIC LORD, GONGA, THE HAROLD WARTOOTH, QUEEN ELEPHANTINE, EL TOPO and MOS GENERATOR. Of course, not all of the bands are real interesting but some highlights are definitely included here. It's great to hear a new song of ABDULLAH, who have listen to a lot of old Misfits records over the past month. 'Long Gone' is maybe the fastest song they have recorded until now, but it's still their typical sound, especially when the song slows down toward the end. DIRTYRED is the new band of Armando Acosta who was the drummer of Saint Vitus, but their contribution has nothing in common with the legendary Californian Doom Metal group. 'War Is Made by Gentlemen' is dark heavy rock tune with female vocals, but for my taste there's nothing really special about the song. I AM COLOSSUS is one of the best underground sludge bands I have heard for a while. Their song  'Revelations'  is a filthy and heavy monster, and the especially the vocals are extremely sick and raw.

The next highlight is MOS GENERATOR with 'On The Eve'. This track could've been taken from the recording sessions for their new album 'Songs For Future Gods', because it's  very similar to that material. Another fave of mine is SPACECHARGE and their song 'In Time'. They've crossed Doom Metal with 70's Heavy Rock, what isn't exceptional, but due to the very cool vocals and the honest lyrics it's an outstanding track of the compilation. I would love to hear more of them in the future. ALUNA is featured with one song from their demo, and 'Higher' is a real cool doom-tinged rocker. Once again the female vocals add something unique to their sound. I remember GRIFTER for being an average band, but 'Slow Boy' is a heavy groovin' track, with a healthy dose of 70's Rock . Well executed! It's no surprise, that not every contribution here is totally tremendous, and I can do without the tracks of BLACK CESAR, EL TOPO, THE HARALD WARTOOTH, or GODSIZE, because they are just faceless. Nevertheless 'The Sound Of The Catacombs' gives a good overview about some unknown bands, and I guess that everyone will make a new dicovery here. Catacomb Records did a nice job, and I hope they will release more good stuff in the future...