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V.A. (The Mighty Desert Rock Avengers) 2CD/2LP

This compilation is a co-operation between the German-based label People Like You and the Stonerrock.com webzine and it presents 32 bands with 32 most unreleased tracks. The bands are (take a deep breath...): AWESOME MACHINE / BACKDRAFT / SUNRIDE / SPARZANZA / ABDULLAH / STONER KINGS / BOOGIEMAN / MAGNIFIED EYE / ORQUESTA DEL DESIERTO / RITE / ZEROCHARISMA / ATOMIC BITCHWAX / SOULDIVIDER / SEID / SPIRITU / LOWRIDER / SOLARIZED / DESERT SUN / PLUTONIUM ORANGE / ETERNAL ELYSIUM / MUSHROOM RIVER BAND / NOSEDIVE / THUMLOCK / SOLACE / MOTHERCAKE / SANTORO / HONCHO / DUSTER 69 / LOW VIBES / ZEBULON / MUDHORSE . Like on mostly every compilation there are some boring tracks and some really good ones, and so it's here. This one is more focused on heavy metallic R'n'R, than on sicker stuff or pure doom, but that doesn't really matter, because it gives a good overview about the well-known and less-known bands in this territory. Another bonus is, that this compilation doesn't cost more than one CD. The detailed booklet contains informations about every band and if you want to start with this kind of modern played 70's inspired Heavyrock, I give you the advice to buy this compilation.. It's better, than other ones! Visit the People Like You website for more informations about it.