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TWILIGHT PICTURES are a german Doom Metal band, which was founded in 1996. This trio played some local gigs in their local area (Ruhrgebiet) and after some changes in the line-up, they released this demo-tape in 1999. It contains two older songs,which have nothing in common with Doom and two newer songs, which are much better than the old ones.The best track is "Life"....its goes more in the direction of bands like CANDLEMASS etc. This demo was recorded in the rehearsel room and its not mixed or produced in any way. TWILIGHT PICTURES will come up with new material in 2000 and some gigs. So, for all underground freaks to get this demo,contact: Eric Asmussen, Müllerstr.22a,45 473 Mülheim GERMANY or : eric_asmussen(at)altavista.de