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TUMMLER (Early Man) CD

Since I've heard TUMMLER's first demo in 2000, I must admit that there's something special for me in their sound. Now it's December 2002, and this is the second brandnew album of this Illinois-based band, this time released from the fine Small Stone Records label. But what makes this band so interesting? Aside of the intense heaviness (of course!) there are the somehow mechanical-sounding structures, but it's a personal impression. But this is giving the sound something outstanding in opposite to other heavy fuzz blues metal bands. And TUMMLER have learned their Doom-lessons well, not only because of the included nice cover-version of the Vitus-classic "War Is Our Destiny". Guitars, drums and bass are building a solid tight wall, where the musical unity is more important than a guitar-soli.

Most of the 6 songs (plus two hidden tracks) are played with a crushing heavy groove, with some untypical interwoven ideas and that's another aspect, which sets them apart from mediocre bands. Personal faves are the groovy "Lost Sense Of the Cosmic", that comes up with a great hookline, the heavy stomping "Arlo" with a Thin Lizzy-like middle part, or the 11+ mintues long "Planet Moai", which goes in a doomier direction and surprises with a few psychedelic moments. But the other tracks are on a very solid level, too. Together with the very impressive vocals, that have become like a trademark for the band "Early Man" is an album, that definitly stands in 2002 (sound-wise), but the 70's and 80's roots have been integrated in a very inspiring way, so that the final result just sounds refreshing and energetic enough to be recommended to you. Better than most over the over-rated band! For the latest explorations of the TUMMLER crew, take a look at their website.