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Well, we know funny terms like "true metal" or "true doom", but has anyone ever thought about something like "true fuzz"? Ok, let's get serious.... I suppose it would be too silly, but for that case I would file TRUCKFIGHTERS full-length debut, released through Fuzzorama Records, under this non-exsisting category. Although this band has more in store than just a bunch of Fu Manchu-styled riffs, they draw their main influence from there as well as from Kyuss and Queens Of The Stone Age. They've integrated some interesting songs within the album like "Intermission" or "Gweedo-Weedo" f.e., but for my taste they could have stepped out more frequently of the heavy fuzzrock patterns. And sometimes, comparable with later Fu Manchu, I miss strong song ideas and forceful riffs, so that I can only remember a few of the here included thirteen songs after listening to the album. Nearly all that remains on my mind are 67 long fuzz-drenched minutes, interrupted by some unusual themes. But the TRUCKFIGHTERS can offer more diversity, as they prove with "Subfloor" where they change between latin-flavoured parts and heavy groovin' riffs or the closing track "Altered State", that is very mellow and groovy and a tasteful end for the album.

Of course, the album contains more impressive moments, but when I feel bored from all this heavy fuzzorama here, I focuse on this songs and the super-fat and massive sound of "Gravity X". In opposite to all fuzzrock cliches, the band had recorded the album in an old war bunker, named the Bombshelter Studio in Orebro, Sweden. The powerful production is sounding very natural and clear, and the result is no surprise when you know that the band locked themselves up for two months with the intention to make a top-notch sounding album. And I can confirm, that they have accomplished their goal! So, if you dig bands like Fu Manchu, Queens Of The Stone Age or The Awesome Machine, I give you the advice to get a copy of "Gravity X", because you will LOVE this Swedish band!!! But to speak for myself, I ain't sure what to think about this album...