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TRACKER (How I Became An Alien) CD

After the release of two EP's, Austria's TRACKER are back with their first full-length that has been released via Sulatron Records in 2011. I didn't knew the band before, but 'How I Became An Alien' succeeded in getting me interested in their music. Perhaps one of the reasons is the fact that TRACKER can not easily be classified stylistically, even though the basis of their sound is heavy rock. But there are so many different influences in their songs which makes it difficult to categorise this album. There is a bit of indie rock, but there's also a good dose of heavy psych that has been mixed with an experimental vibe.

The nine songs take the listener through many emotions and dynamics, ranging from thought-provoking moments to ass-kickin' heavy outbursts. By contrast, the vocals don't have much variety but in this case it is no strong point of criticism. It is striking that Max Muehlenbacher's voice strengthen the mesmerizing effect of the music, though I acknowledge that TRACKER would also work as an instrumental band. What I like best about this album is the free creative spirit which seems to be the main inspiration for TRACKER.

Furthermore, these three guys play their instruments with such ease and professionality, it is just good fun to listen to 'How I Became An Alien'. I only have some small problems with the indie rock interjections, but, as always, it is a matter of taste. One of my favourite tracks is 'Recommended Fool' with its enraptured, bluesy ambience. When it comes to the production there's nothing left to desire - the overall sound is thick and fuzzy and everything sounds natural. I think TRACKER is almost on the right track.