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While the cover-artwork looks as if TOTEM are a folk band, the music is something completely different. TOTEM serve a convincing mix of Sabbath-esque riffs, early Electric Wizard and an aroma of psychedelic/progressive organ-based rock. Once again I Hate Records show that they aren't bound to a typical musical formula, as long as it's heavy and intense. This is the band's debut, and it includes three haunting tracks. The vocals are clearly executed by female singer Jex Thoth, who's distinctive vocal style dominates the whole vibe of the record, and is closly followed by a very tight ensemble, who deliver some searing heavy guitar licks and swirling organ flourishes. The first track 'Kagemni' is a driving piece of psych doom, that explores interesting lysergic realms.  'Luna moth speaks' has some beautiful organ interplay while 'Tauti' is an excersise in sinister psych/doom/prog rock that is subtle pleasure to my ears. TOTEM have recorded an impressive repertoire of songs and I hope, it won't take too long until I Hate Records will release their first album. Most of you will already know, that TOTEM have changed their name now to JEX THOTH, and they've also shared a split-7" with the legendary UK-band Pagan Altar. The vinyl version of their debut will contain one long bonus track and will be strictly limited to 500 copies. If you haven't yet bought this musical inspiring delight, then do it now!