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TORCH OF THE 555th ORDER (Infinite Tone Bulldozer) Tape:

Beside his two other bands Unearthly Trance and Thralldom, guitarist and singer Rion is also working in his noise-project TORCH. This isn't a band and in opposite to UE and Thralldom, riffs aren't dominating the sound. A lot of loops and samples, filled with guitar-feedback and somewhere, deep in the background there's a slow and heavy droning riff as in "Pentagod". Distorted and strange-sounding vocals as in "Law Of The Silencer - Color of 111" making the sound more bizarre and strange. After a lot of listening sessions, I've discovered structures within this harsh and disturbing noise. There are also a few quiet moments, when the noisy soundwaves aren't in the foreground and a guitar plays a few chords. TORCH is a really frightening and sinister sound, with similarities to Merzbow and Earth f.e. This music isn't made for the masses, but if you're open enough for an intense sonic assault, than check out this experience. This MC comes with a nice b/w-cover on Tape Kult and the contact mail is: Augustsunofmidnight(at)yahoo.com