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TODD RIGIONE (V612 Project) CD

Thirteen years ago in 1990, there was a L.A. band named Liquid Jesus who earned attention for they heavy groove-rock. The debut disc on Triple X is was well received worldwide, and soonly after they've signed with MCA Records to record their studio debut "Pour In The Sky". But the band split-up, and ex-member Todd Rigione, who was the guitar playing/songwriting driving force of Liquid Jesus started with the recording of different sessions during the last years. This record is a compilation of all this recordings and the here included 21 tracks are like a trip through the last 35 years of Rock history. A lot of talented musicians as Ben Shepherd (Soundgarden/Hater), drummer Brock Avery (Wayne Kramer Band),and ex-Liquid Jesus members just to name a few, are featured with every song. The result of it is a very relaxed and diverse album. Sometimes the songs are more Zeppelin-like, than a bit more 60's Psychedelic, or exploding into hard-edged instrumental jams.

In between, there are some acoustic songs, presented in the best songwriter tradition. But the playing of Todd Rigione is responsible for the red line in the album and his exciting guitar-playing and talented voice are keeping the album together. The informative and personal booklet, gives the reader an insight in every story behind each song, and this notes are reallly entertaining. With a few of the songs, he gives tribute to bands(musicians as Mike Watt (Minutemen, Firehose, Dos and more), Brian Jones, X or The Beatles f.e. Due to the varied songmaterial, listening to the "V612 Project" is like swimming in a pool of emotions. Sorry, if I'm sounding to pathetic but I still search for the right words to describe this amazing release. And it's good to see, that Todd Rigione plays music for the sake of music, not trying to jump on one of the current trends. Highly recommandble! The "V612 Project" has been released via Underdogma Records, so place your order there.