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THUMB (Strange Kept Plain) CD

This Australian-based was totally unknown for me, until I received their promo package that includes their second self-released album from 2001 after "Nitros City", which has been released back in 1998. The album starts with the Led Zeppelin-oriented "Feeling All Right", but than the album turns into a total other direction. Someone has written that THUMB reminds him of a sort of cross between Fu Manchu and the more melodic moments of Soundgarden, but I can't agree with it. They aren't so heavy and the song structures are more complex with a lot of breaks. It's not easy to describe single songs. There are folk and jazz elements in the diverse tracks and the band uses different dynamics. In some of the tracks they have acoustic guitars in opposite to heavier songs like "Behringer" or the opener.They are very melodic, but not in a cheesy way. If I should compare THUMB with other bands I would mention SST-acts like Firehose or Minutemen, but that doesn't describes it exactly. There's also a small Tool vibe in "On the Side", mixed up with early 90's Seattle Rock. "Heaven in You" could appeal to QOTSA fans and like I've said it before, this album isn't easy to categorize. Of course, it is Rock but not only focused on the rock'n'roll side. They've managed it to integrate a lot of different musical styles in their sound, and the result is this passionate and intimate album.It's gives you the right soundtrack for a rainy afternoon, sitting at home and thinking about life. I really like it and if you need a break from all your heavy rockin' records, than check out THUMB.