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In 2009 THROTTLEROD celebrated their 10th anniversary and since its formation the band has undergone an unexpected development. Whereas their first two albums 'Eastbound and Down' and 'Hell and High Water' were firmly rooted in southern blues and rock 'n' roll, THROTTLEROD's third album 'Nail' marked a significant change. Instead of spreading a whiskey-soaked awareness of life as on the previous recordings, 'Nail' was surprisingly aggressive and noisy. The band saved the raw energy of the early days, but their new sound has more in common with noise rock than with groovy rock 'n' roll. 'Pig Charmer', released in 2009 by Small Stone Records, is possibly THROTTLEROD's most interesting album, because it's more varied than the previous ones. This is an album that is composed and carefully played. The techniques and themes at work are still reminiscent of 'Nailed', drill press riffs, building, holding and releasing tension. Rather, it is the way these elements are arranged that make the difference.

The slide guitar in 'Beggar's Blanket' evoke memories of 'Eastbound and Down', while 'Jigsaw' is unexpectedly melancholic even though the song is interspersed with a couple of brutally delivered riffs. 'Buffalo' again displays that the band can still groove like hell without losing its wrathful undertones. Yes, 'Pig Charmer' is definitely an angry and vigorous album, that doesn't allow yourself some time for relaxation. If you like the full-on frontal assault of 'Nail', than you'll enthused by the relentless riff-a-thon of this album, even if some of the here included songs have a more melodic approach. Andrew Schneider's monstrous bass sound works through each track like a chainsaw and of course he also recorded, produced and mixed the album in co-operation with vocalist/ guitarist Matt Whitehead, the group’s sole original member. The result is overwhelming and it can happen that you feel punch-drunk from the heaviness and loudness of 'Pig Charmer'. In conjunction with complex rhythm structures and the powerful voice of M. Whitehead, this album is an intense listening experience. It's not for everyone, and it's not for every mood either, but I like this album a lot. This record is perfect for any ill tempered day in your life.