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THRALLDOM (A Murderous Magus Of The Morphogenetic Grid) 7"-EP

Aggressive and crusty Black Metal with enough heaviness and without any childish satanic image, that's what THRALLDOM is about. It's the side-band of Rion Killusion, who's also playing guitar in Unearthly Trance. But this band got not much in common with THRALLDOM. In opposite to Unearthly Trance, the songs are more fast Black Metal than bizarre Doomcrust, although they've integrated a slow doomy part in "Stimulus Corrosion". Especially the flipside with "Nuclear Hate" and "Heathen from the Aether" is coming like a firestorm over me, while both songs on the other side ( the atmospheric intro"Ritual Plateau" & "Stimulus Corrosion") are offering just solid quality. Another important fact is, that the heaviness and serious emotions in the songs keeps the band apart from cheesy Black Metal stuff. I'm not really into Black Metal, but this band got something special. The single has been released on Regimental Records and for band-contact mail to Rion Killusion at: Thralldom555(at)aol.com