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THORR'S HAMMER (Dommedagsnatt) PLP/CD

I'm not sure, but I guess this must be the fourth re-issue of "Dommedagsnatt", and since the first release it hadn't lost anything from its earth-shuddering power. Most of the readers will know that THORR'S HAMMER have been formed back in 1994 by Greg Anderson and Steve O'Malley, together with Runhild Gammelsaeter, a young Norwegian woman, who wrote all lyrics and was responsible for the vocals. Thanks Runhild, because without you the world wouldn't know how low a woman can growl and grumble. But let's get serious, her powerful style is still astonishing and surly belongs to one of the bands significant characteristics as well as the cold crushing riffs that are played in slow pace. Just take the heaviest elements from bands like Hellhammer, Burzum and Winter and give them a special Anderson/O'Malley treatment (not to forget the sunn amplification!), and you know what to expect. This is the first time, that "Dommedagsnatt" is available as a stylish picture-LP and the CD includes an awesome live show, recorded in 1995 that shows the band in best shape. Like the footage on the St. Vitus "V" re-release, the quality here is real good, and it's amazing to see THORR'S HAMMER for the first time "live". So, if you have missed to buy this classic before, now is your chance to get a copy from it, especially if you want to check out the weighty roots from bands like Burning Witch or Sunn O))).