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"Bringing the arena back to rock" - that's what Boston-based powertrio THERE have written on their flag, and that's not only an empty promise. This is the newest full-length album on Whats Next Records, and it's a retrospective live album from 1995 through the release of "There III" in 2001. The band must have a pretty good following, because of the enthusiastic reaction of the present audience, who are sounding as if you were listening to "Alive II" from KISS. But all of the three albums and two EP's were completely released independant, and the thought about total independance of the artist seems to play an important role in the band's asthetic. THERE are playing their heavy rock, as if nothing has happened since 1974. Here are tons of classic rock elements, but definitely performed in a refreshing way.

Apart of the here presented own material, the album include never before released live tracks of Black Sabbath "Electric Funeral" and "Snowblind", as well as a version of Deep Purple's "Stormbringer". Although all three songs are played in a good and solid well, I prefer the band's own compositions. You can put Grand Funk Railroad, Blackfoot and Led Zeppelin to this list, what gives you a good description of THERE's influences. The playing of the band is amazingly tight and powerful, and the very good live production, gives a nice impression of the here recorded show. Each musician wielded their instrument like a weapon, deadly accurate and timed to perfection. If you're into powerful 70's oriented Hardrock bands, support the true independant bands, and check out THERE'S "We Are". The entire back-catalog is available through the official website.