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Great stuff comes up from Stanton, California with THE WHITE LIARS. This band plays a way cool charismatic freewheeling Rock 'n' Roll, which is full of strong expressive feelings and ideas. Though bands like the Stooges, New York Dolls, The Cramps or the Dead Boys have left their footprints here, the band got the ability to form something very convincing out of it. I like the nasty, desperate and fucked-up emotional swirl that surrounds the album, and in spite of the above mentioned bands, you can't file THE WHITE LIARS next to all this brainless retro Punk bands, because first off this isn't Punk and next it's got so much depth what makes this band more outstanding. In some moments, they've packed their sound with a psychotic nervous and noisy vibe, without being a noise-rock band while other songs heading towards psychedelic regions or just dark and mellow as "GMT". Another great bonus about "Pharmacia" is that's it's full of attitude and authentically to the bad bone. Sometimes, singer Barry Stevenson tears out his heart and sounds frighteningly intense. The booklet doesn't contain any lyrics, but I guess the here included tales are about personal misfortune and the American lowlife and I love cynical song-titles like "Everybody loves you when you're dead", which is an excellent song, too! But here are more pearls to find like the hypnotic "Monkey Makes 3" and to be honest here aren't any mediocre tracks to find, if you dig this style of music. I really love this album and give you the advice to check it out. It has been released on 24 Carrot Records and for further informations visit www.whiteliars.com. 'Nough said!