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THE WANT (Greatest Hits Volume 5) CD

A brandnew output from SOUTHERN LORD and this time it's the debut (?) from a massive LED ZEPPELIN influenced band. But THE WANT are more orientated to the heavier side of LED ZEPPELIN and they have the skills and passion to give their music more, than only to be simple copy-cats.The eleven songs are recorded in 1996 and 1997 in two different studios. They are charged with a great vibe from the early 70´s and the production emphasis it.A big echo on the vocals and especially the drums keep the ZEPPELIN- feeling alive. Some songs have a slight psychedelic influence, while I also hear MC 5 or THEE HYPNOTICS in other songs. In these moments THE WANT plays fantastic high energy Rock´n´Roll with harmonica support."Greatest Hits Volume 5" is an entertaining ambitious album and songs like "Goodbye" will satisfy all heavy souls,it´s an amazing track. I think a lack of own identity isn´t so worse,as long as you give the music passion and soul. And that´s what THE WANT is about.Check out this recommandable disc if you like 70´s influenced hardrock and visit SOUTHERN LORD for more informations about THE WANT. At least, I´m not the biggest LED ZEPPELIN fan at all, but I like this one!