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THE WALRUZ (One Way Ticket) CD

If you're not sure what kind of music you should put in your player for your next bong session, than I like to recommend this German band to you. Of course, you can enjoy THE WALRUZ also without any illegal substances, but I can imagine that it will surely help, especially because this three guys have taken some nice samples from the obscure German anti-drug B-movie 'Ich - Ein Groupie'. When this flic has been released it was meant as a serious statement against the use of psychedelic drugs, but when you see it today it's only funny and THE WALRUZ rate it in the same way. The main attraction of 'Groupie' was a young German actress named Ingrid Steeger, who was one of the hottest girls during the 1970's here in Germany, but the music in 'Groupie' was also very nice. Ah, yes, the music....that's what this review should be about. THE WALRUZ play minimalistic doom-driven heavy rock, and while their sound is a cross between early Acid King and early Electric Wizard the vocals sound like Pete Stahl on downers.

This guys share a huge interest for lowest frequencies, but they don't forget to write proper songs. 'One Way Ticket' is a very mellow album and if you want to relaxe from the daily struggle this should help you in finding some peace of mind. They have also integrated an organ in 'Apathetic', so that the self-repeating moments of this album are rare to find. I think, it's not easy to play such kind of simple slow-paced heavy rock without losing themselves in endless boredom. How nice that they managed it. Maybe The Church Within Records have had the same thoughts about THE WALRUZ, so Oliver did sign them to expand his roster of high-quality releases. All five songs have been recorded in 2000 and I hope, this group will come up with new songs in the future. This is a very good start and if you dig the 1970's as well as slow and heavy music, than give this band a chance.