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THE UNTAMED (Delicious Death...) LP/CD

Basically, Rockabilly is a genre that is free from any surprises. This is also valid of course to other musical genres, but there it is particularly noticeable. I was therefore a little surprised when I listened to the third album from Demark's THE UNTAMED, because 'Delicious Death...' has more to offer than the the usual clichés. Well ok, the lyrics are dealing with love, death and the devil, but the stylistic bandwidth of THE UNTAMED is sometimes as extraordinary as their treatment of the songs. Here you will find influences ranging from delta blues and 1960's garage rock to country. Even the very early Misfits have left deep marks in some of the songs. Then there is also the guitar sound that is extremely distorted in a few moments as well as the bass, for example in 'Bay Day in Bodega Bay' where the beginning sounds like 'Ace of Spades'.

But on the whole, 'Delicious Death...' is a filthy affair - even when they use a banjo, an organ or a honky tonk piano. The vocals of guitarist Marco Burro does also know how to please my ears because he got an extraordinarily multi-layered style. Sometimes he sounds like a young Glenn Danzig and then like a black blues musician. Occasionally there a very short tracks between the other songs that provide an additional entertainment. But, of course, one should have a great affection for 1950's rock 'n' roll, because otherwise you could probably run into problems while listening to 'Delicious Death...'. As far as I am concerned, THE UNTAMED didn't blew me off my socks, but they are more amusing than many others in their genre. Lemmy Kilmister would like this album. At least I can imagine that.