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Lately I read a review about 'Comedown' where the writer has pointed out that the moniker THE TELSTAR SOUND DRONE would be misleading, because their music doesn't have anything in common with bands as for example Sunn O))). Well, it seems as if that said writer is badly informed about that thing called 'drone'. No explanations will be mentioned here as this would be going beyond the purpose of this review, but let me say that drone and psychedelic rock could have several things in common, which brings us back to the topic at hand: THE TELSTAR SOUND DRONE. Formed in 2007, these Danish cats are completely dedicated to finest psychedelic rock, and 'Comedown' is the band's first full-length and their second platter for Bad Afro Records, who released the 'Mirror Pieces' 7" in 2011.

THE TELSTAR SOUND DRONE's sound shares some obvious similarities with Loop, early Hawkwind and Velvet Underground, but they managed to detach themselves from their influences in order to create their own sonic form. They pile on so much density, so much pure sound in each track, it just doesn't get boring. The sound is molten and sweet and bitter and razor sharp all once, with just enough cosmic glue to hold it together. And they know how to write a good song without ever repeating themselves.

The surreal, hallucinogenic quality of the included 7 tracks is amplified even further by Sean Jardenbaek's reverb-laden vocals, who is backed up by second guitarist Mads Saaby as well as drummer Hans Beck (on a side note, both of them also play in Baby Woodrose). All this makes for a hypnotic, atmospheric album, which is hard rocking in some places and soft in others. So, if you're looking for some inspiring, 1960s-tinged, droning psychedelic rock, 'Comedown' will fill your craving. It's woth every penny.