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I haven't no label-infos about this South-American three-piece, so I can't say anything about previous releases or other activities of the band members. Anyway, THE TANDOORIES are playing 60's influenced punky garage rock and "Walking Blind" has been released through No Fun Records.Sometimes, the sound of an organ reminds me more to bands like The Fuzztones, while other tracks are more in the vein of bands like the New York Dolls or early Heartbreakers, especially the vocal-style is close to Johnny Thunders. Other tracks are a bit more psychedelic, but I wouldn't describe THE TANDOORIES as a Psychedelic band. Therefore, I miss the typical elements of this music. For my taste, "Walking Blind" contains a few good songs, but all in all everything sounds a little bit to lame, and this band never reaches the class of above mentioned bands or the amazing power of 60's godfathers as The Sonics or The Seeds f.e. I would love this band, if they do it harder, but the entire album got a strong pop approach, what doesn't mean, that I don't like pop music. Especially, because there are thousands of 60`s influenced bands around, and you need a stronger identity to stick out of the crowd, like Baby Woodrose or On Trial, which belongs to the better ones. That's my honest opinion, but at least, it's all a question of your personal taste. For more informations, check out the homepage of THE TANDOORIES.