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When I received my last package from Alone Records/The Stone Circle at the beginning of 2008, this was one of the included discs and it was my first meeting with THE SOULBREAKER COMPANY. After I listen to the first seconds of the opener 'Elliptic Tunes', I thought that this Spanish band would follow in the footsteps of Orquesta Del Desierto, due to the mariachi horns and this special latin vibe. But suddenly a funky rhythm pushes the song in a complete different direction and the second song 'You Shouldn't Cry' shows what's really going on here. THE SOULBREAKER COMPANY display a mastery of various 70's rock styles with this eleven track excursion into mind expansion. This six guys combine hard progressive, straight heavy rock, hardrock and funk to one powerful unit and they can also write fantastic songs as for example 'Blood That You Wish', or 'The Man That You Betray', but it's really impossible to find oustanding tracks, because the entire album is on a level of higest quality. All cuts are well constructed with additional help of twelve guest musicians, so that you can hear female background vocals, flute, harmonica, trumpets, saxophone and more what makes this album to a sheer listening pleasure, because it works so well. 'The Pink Alchemist' doesn't sound pompous and here's a dirty edge, so that the bluesy roots of this band are always to hear. The vocals are clearly executed by Jony Moreno, who's vocal style dominates the whole feel of this album, what's not that bad. Throughout the musicianship is superb and the production rich and deep. A beautiful album that could become one of the best recent releases coming from Spain for sure.