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This is the self-released debut album of one of the hottest German underground bands. They aren't playing heavy Doom Rock, but I like this band since the early days, back in 1997. During the last five years, they have played a lot of sweaty gigs together with bands like The Damned or Anti-Nowhere League and they have recruited a solid fan-base. THE SOUL INVADERS are presenting us ten tracks, that are ranging from 60's Garage Rock to late-70's Punk. But this here isn't the next boring Dead Boys-copy band. Especially the charismatic vocals of lead singer Kaktus, are seperating them from the worse ones. His vocal-style is influenced from G. Danzig, but he had created something very own out of it. Kaktus is also responsible for all lyrics, that are about the dark and bright sides of life and he's got the talent for it. But the other guys are performing well, too.

My personal faves are 60's influenced songs like "Ways of a Vampire" or "You're not in this alone", due to the reason that they are slower and more emotional than the faster Rock'n'Roll stuff. I can only critize the production of the album. It's doesn't sound that worse and it has a live-feeling, but some tracks are sounding to "bass-less". Maybe a little bit more heaviness in the future and the next album could be a total winner. But it's still a very promising debut from a hopeful band, so let's see what the future got in store for THE SOUL INVADERS. The vinyl-version comes in a tasteful gatefold sleeve, while the CD is a digi-package. You can order this album for 10 Euro/LP or 12 Euro/CD directly from the band.