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This is the debut of a brandnew Danish band, which was founded by Sebastian T.W. Kristiansen, and Bad Afro Records took the chance in releasing the full-length debut of this young talent. That was a pretty good idea of the label, because what we hear here, has a lot of class and style. In the beginning, Kristiansen composed a lot of songs and recorded them on his small 4-track taperecorder and shortly after he started to look out for musicians, who were interested in sharing is musical visions. He recruited the bass-player of The Untamed and the guitarist of The Aim, and it's no big surprise, that among this musicians we can find also the name Lorenzo Woodrose (Baby Woodrose/ex-On Trial), who is not only the drummer of THE SETTING SON, but also the producer of the album.

The here included fourteen songs aren't that far away from what Lorenzo Woodrose is doing with Baby Woodrose, although THE SETTING SON is more melodic and a little bit more psychedelic. Some of the here included songs are angry and desperate, while others are very melancholic and so full of sad emotions, that they can have a unexpected effect on the listener, who isn't afraid to open up the heart. The unique vocals of Kristiansen is the cream on top of it, and ready is a perfect album for everyone who loves 60's Psych Rock. I really dig this band, and I hope they will record more stuff in the future! Brilliant!