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This is the first full-length from this Swedish band and with this album, they've released nine tasteful and variable tracks, that are a step forward after the first and good CD-EP "Way Beyond The Portal Of The Bone White Rubber Sun" (see demo reviews). This band isn't only influenced from the early 70's, no this three guys are still breathing the spirit of bands like Sir Lord Baltimore, Captain Beyond or the 13th Floor Elevators and this debut could be dated back to 1971. The whole production is also very close to this time period, but it's no boring retro shit. This band is authentic in what they're doing and this shines through all songs. This album includes everything from heavy doom-laden riffs like in "The Beginning Of The End Of The World - Part 2" to a more melancholic psychedelic atmosphere, that you can hear in tracks like "Black Mountainside" .

THE SATELLITE CIRCLE has achieved their own sound in the Swedish heavy psych scene and one fact I like to point out is, that drummer Jonas is also responsible for the vocals and it's seems unbelievable that he's playing drums while performing his singing. Together with bass player Frederik they build the very solid backbone for the effective guitar-work from Jonas. Believe me or not, there's no boring tune on this album. Nowadays where some bands only lay down one heavy riff after the other, without taking care about the songs, here you can listen to the total opposite. Mellow psychedelic tunes are in the right place, not only because you need to have one or two on the album. Thanks to the English label RAGE OF ACHILLES and so, my dear reader check out this high-quality release from one of the best Swedish powertrios (together with Blind Dog and Grand Magus) and order it wherever you can. Visit the homepage of THE SATELLITE CIRCLE or go to RAGE OF ACHILLES. I hope, they get the attention they deserve.