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In the 1960's, Texas (and especially the city of Austin) has been the birthplace for the best psychedelic rock bands of all times: The 13th Floor Elevators, Golden Dawn, Cold Sun, The Moving Sidewalks or Shiva's Headband were not only genre-defining but also true pioneers. THE SAINT JAMES SOCIETY also originate from Austin, Texas, and continue the lysergic tradition of their forefathers, enriched with a early 1980's post punk vibe. Here, we have their self-titled debut, released by Tee Pee Records in February 2012. It's a pity that this is not a full-length, because these two women and three guys doing a pretty good job. It should be clear that they can't hold a candle to the abovementioned bands, but I don't expect that.

But THE SAINT JAMES SOCIETY is not inferior in quality to bands as, for example, The Black Angels or Moon Duo. All four songs here are based on driving, steady rhythms, accompanied by droning and cycling guitars. The cool vocals are perfect for this kind music and I like it a lot when the female vocals come into play as with 'Of Silver & Gold'. It's also one of the heaviest tracks on the debut. What I also like very much is that their music evokes a sense of isolation, a sense of longing, and yet, somehow, a sense of hope.

THE SAINT JAMES SOCIETY is not a bunch of naive hippie kids and I am very grateful for that. The musical arrangements are simple, but beneath the simplicity lies complexity and a dark ritualistic consciousness. All of these factors have helped to creat an eerie intensity and atmospheric depth that keeps you engaged. The only drawback is the short playing time of 17:01 minutes, but I hope that THE SAINT JAMES SOCIETY return as soon as possible with a full-length. This is definitely a good introduction.