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THE SABIANS (Beauty For Ashes) CD

If you've read the interview with Justin Marler of THE SABIANS in this webzine than you'll know that Justin and Chris Hakius are two former members of Sleep, but if you expect that THE SABIANS are the legitimate Sleep follower than you maybe dissapointed. They are very different from their former band. No weed-worshipping attitude as on the last two Sleep records, no Sabbath/Blue Cheer inspired riffing and a total different philosophy. And I really appreciate it, that THE SABIANS are far away from their past and that they don't come up with a boring typical heavy album.So, if you expected this than its time to switch over to another band. But how does they sound? They are combining folk, metal and Byzantine chant with bit of heavy rock and behind the music stands a very interesting and inspiring philosophy about the human life.

The result is a VERY moody and melancholic album with different dynamics that digs deep into the heart of humanity. J.Marler's vocals are total passionate and he sounds as if he would suffer while singing. Due to this points "Beauty For Ashes" is still a heavy album, comparable to a good intensive book. I would describe their sound as contemplative rock music and if you're searching for an album with an intense emotional depth and outstanding lyrics than this is maybe the right one for you. Very recommandable! Released in 2002 on The Music Cartel and for more informations about THE SABIANS visit their website and read the Cosmic Lava interview.