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I never heard anything before of this Ohio trio, so this is my first time with them. And "Hokum" knows to entertain with it's ten diverse tracks. THE RUBES are playing a powerful mixture of heavy 70's Bluesrock with Metal elements and a few progressive parts. It's a refreshing groovy sound with enough heaviness and drive, not groundbreaking but performed in a solid and appealing way. With tracks like "Take Your Time" or " The Ballad of Sisyphus MacDuff" they showing us their version of heavy bluesy Doom and both are two of my personal faves on "Hokum". On the other side there's a slight influence of Gov't Mule in some of the songs and the well-balanced and soulful vocals of bass-player Mace would fit into every 70's Heavy Rock band. But like I've said before this album isn't just a simple retro rock trip. I think, it's more aggressive and metallic than the usual stuff. The song "20 Three" is a good example for it, with it's Thrash Metal-like riffing. The production sounds modern, but not to polished and it has captured the uplifting vibe of this album. To sum it up, "Hokum" is a highly entertaining album with a lot of positive surprises and I hope it gets the attention it deserves. Very recommandable! It has been released on UNDERDOGMA RECORDS and for more informations about THE RUBES, check out their homepage.