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Hailing from New York, THE RESURRECTION SORROW deliver on the first album a pumped up, muscular wall of sound that has become saturated with blues, hardrock and metal. The massive production emphasizes the heaviness of their riffs but actually all instruments are clearly defined, offering a vivid and earthy sound. Sometimes the riffs are slow and plodding, sometimes mid-tempo, and sometimes downright blistering, but they are always extremely meaty. Right from the start the listener is launched into a ton of big, fat, mighty-heavy, chugging guitar and bass riffs, while the rough vocals echo and cascade on top. So far so good, but there's always two sides to the coin. What I find particularly disturbing, though, is the fact that 'Hour of the Wolf' sounds too bloated in the long term. It seems as if vocalist Alex Dementia must demonstrate that he is full of testosterone, comparable to Phil Anselmo. Some like it, but I am certainly not one of them, because I never could stand the vocals and attitude of Anselmo. 'Hour of the Wolf' leaves very ambivalent impressions, but if you like bands such as Down or later C.O.C., this album is is probably a good choice.