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THE PEOPLE hail from Stockholm, Sweden, and this their second demo, is a magic mixture of rock 'n' roll, Detroit-rock and sleazy 70's hard rock. Outside of the "70's scene", they still know how to push the groove and energy into intense outbursts of passion. Come to think of it, this is something close to a perfect cross between 1970's heavy rock and '60's US garage punk. "Heard It All Before" - Yeah sure, but with music this good, who cares? Gasoline soaked melodies, delivered with a flame-thrower vocal and backed by a virtual artillery of drums, bass, guitar and additional harp. THE PEOPLE also have their quieter, sensual moments and "Peaches" is a beautiful blast, changing between heavy slidin' blues and Beatles-que melodies. "Immortal" is a nasty up-tempo rocker with occasional harp and, sorry to say, the last of the here included four tracks. I praise the demo more, than 80% from the decent overrated retro-rock 'n' roll releases, due to the reason that THE PEOPLE just kick more ass! No matter how silly that sounds, because that's what it's all about! Any cool label should sign this group immediately, especially if the owner got a good musical taste...