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THE PEOPLE (Kross, Singel, Grus & Makadam) MCD-R

The newest 5-song demo from Sweden's THE PEOPLE is a twisted thing for me. I love 'em a lot, when they take a big step back in time, mostly to the early-70's and pay tribute to the heavy blues groups of this period. 'Gotta Get Back' and '436an Blues' is a superb example for THE PEOPLE's capabilties in creating a well-crafted vintage heavy sound, which is dynamic and groove-laden. But then here are songs like 'Back In Duluth (I Got Love)', which is pure 70's punk or the kitschy piano-based ballad 'I Wonder', that embodies for me the bad sides of 70's rock. 

'Turn My Lead Into Gold'  is a strange, not uninteresting blend of rockabilly, country rock and, 70's rock, but it doesn't help to clear my confusion about this band.  Everything is well-exectued here, but I don't get into the concept (if there's any...) of THE PEOPLE, although this is defintely a group with potential. Maybe they should canalize this more into one cohesive style, instead of sounding like three different bands....