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What can I write about this timeless masterpiece, that hasn't been written before? This is a re-release on TOLOTTA REC of the first OBSESSED album, now remastered from MD sound-wizard Chris Kozlowski. As a bonus you can hear ten live songs from February 28th, 1984 recorded in Maryland in a rough sound quality, but that doesn't matter, because it's a legendary moment in doom history, where the band performs some never before released tracks.

Now in 2001, the first OBSESSED album still shows where one of the most inspiring bands had started. I think, that most of you know that THE OBSESSED was Wino's first band before he was part of SAINT VITUS. In 1990 the debut (but the songs dated back to the early-80's) was released by HELLHOUND and today it's not easy to find, so it was a good idea from TOLOTTA REC for this re-release.The cover is different from the original album and all lyrics are printed in the booklet. This album is basic stuff and nobody should be without it.