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THE MUSHROOM RIVER BAND (Music For The World Beyond) CD/LP

After the the "Rocketcrash" 10" EP here we have the album debut from this fine Swedish band. Maybe most people will know them, because of the fact that their singer is Spice, the bassist and singer of SPIRITUAL BEGGARS. His style of singing is similar to his own band, but THE MRB plays more in a 70´s oriented Heavy Rock 'n' Roll vein and they sound warmer, rougher and dirtier than the BEGGARS. They are enriching their songs also with long percussion parts ("More Beer") or listen to the catchy and fast track "To the World Beyond" which is full of energy and heavy riffs. Both are two of the outstanding songs and not every song is a total killer, but the musicians have talent and so it´s a good and ambitious record. For me, THE MUSHROOM RIVER BAND is one of the better Swedish Heavyrock acts and you can´t go wrong with this album. It´s released via METEORCITY and PEOPLE LIKE YOU. For detailed informations check out the band´s website.