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Every now and then a band comes along, bringing us a great song, but only so often does a band bring us a great album. THE LONE CROWS has just done that with their debut album for German record label World In Sound. Based in Minneapolis, this band plays with such obvious passion that it's hard not to get swept right along with them.

THE LONE CROWS sound tight and focused, and yet the album buzzes with energy, bristles with power and blows you away in the sheer quality and diversity of heavy blues flowing into your ears. Yes, I'm talking here about heavy blues rock, and this four young guys LOVE the blues. Of course, there are echoes of a number of bands like Humble Pie, Led Zeppelin, Budgie and Creepy John Thomas, but what distinguishes THE LONE CROWS from being simply a copycat band is their ability to pull this all off with such credibility and panache.

All songs are well-crafted and diverse. The opening track 'Lone Crow' is a very upbeat song, a classic opener to grab the listeners attention, whereas 'Heard You Call' is reminiscent of early Santana. 'Runnin' Through My Head' is one heavy slab of crushing blues power with additional organ. I am quite sure that this is the heaviest blues song I've heard in a very long time from a newer band. With 'Can't Go Home Again', THE LONE CROWS managed to combine Louder Than Love era Soundgarden with their heavy blues, and they achieve an excellent result. Let us not ignore the raw production of the album which is perfect for this kind of blues-based rock.

Overall, THE LONE CROWS are not only a tight outfit, but also the real deal! I'm really excited to see what comes next from these guys. Until then, buy this album and be pleasantly surprised.