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How often have I asked myself during the last decades, what happened to the old Sir Lord Baltimore line-up ? Both albums are belonging to my top twenty classic 70's Heavy Rock records and apart of the mighty Sabbath, Sir Lord Baltimore are one of the most influencal bands for a lot of Doom and Fuzz Rock bands. As I've received this promo half of my question was answered, because Mr. John Garner is the frontman of THE LIZARDS! John Garner is the legendary sinnging drummer of Sir Lord Baltimore and my heart starts beating faster as I pushed the start button on my player. Two minutes before I've noticed in the press kit, that ex-Rainbow/Black Sabbath/Blue Öyster Cult drummer Bobby Rondinelli and Randy Pratt, who uses (and know to use!) a six-string bass plus guitarist Patrick Klein are building the complete line-up. All this means, that you've got top musicians and after listening to the first songs, all my expectations are fullfilled. No, they are topped!

THE LIZARDS aren't that kind of old-man retro bands, which bores the shit out of you. No that kind, that have missed thirty years of Rock history. It's obvious to hear, that this musicians have grown up in the 60's and 70's, but they've transported the vibe into the current century. And it's not only Hard Rock to the max, there's much more. Should I call it Southern Funk Metal Blues? No, that's silly, but somewhere in it you can find a description for this great album. Everything sounds very dynamic and energetic, every note got its right place and the band plays frightenley tight and hard. The vocals of John Garner are still amazing and awesome as in the old days of Sir Lord Baltimore, and as a tribut to this days, THE LIZARDS have included a cover-version of "Kingdom Come". Sometimes his vocals are close to Elvis, what should be seen as a huge compliment. There are no outstanding tracks, because the complete album is a total pleasure. Highly recommandable for every Hardrock-fan! This is THE LIZARDS second release on Hyperspace Records, and the label was founded by Pratt and Klein to release more classic heavy stuff. I'm looking forward to the next releases!