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Last year, I will never forget the day when I found a beautiful ultra-professional press kit in the Cosmic Lava mailbox. I never noticed the band named THE LIZARDS, but when I read that the singer was John Garner, I was more than enthusiastic about the content. All informed readers will know that John Garner was the singing drummer of the legendary Sir Lord Baltimore, one of this obscure proto-metal bands of the early 70's. Well, I dig this band among others, and so my reaction was more than logic. Another well-known name of the line-up of THE LIZARDS is Bobby Rondinelli who was part of Black Sabbath, BÖC and Rainbow. Randy Pratt (bass and harp) and Patrick Klein (guitar) were unknown to me, but as I started to listen to the included CD, entitled "Rule" it was obvious that both are great musicians, too. This group plays an excellent mash of classic 70's Hardrock, Heavy Blues and Metal with slight touches of Funk and Soul.

Although far away from being retro, this band knows where they coming from. Well that is about a year ago, and now we have 2004 and a few days ago I received the next LIZARDS press kit that includes the brandnew DVD release from this group. How great is that! This visual documentary includes a live show, filmed at the B.B.King in New York, September 2003, and offers 60 minutes of brilliant performances, plus additional informative interviews with each member of the band. It's just exciting to see how much the band had enjoyed this evening, and their technical skills a more then perfect. For my taste the sound quality is perfect and although only a three-camera crew had filmed this show it's more than enjoyable. Of course, you can't compare it with a live DVD from a superstar rock band, but the viewer gets his entertainment due to clever cuts, and so don't expect that you only see for ten minutes one musician or shit like this.

The only curious thing here is the audience. While THE LIZARDS really rock and sweat, the people sit and watch as if a they are at a classic concert. Don't ask me how they handle it! But that shouldn't bother you! All in all, this is a hot package and if you interested in high quality heavy rock, than order this DVD directely from the band's website. THE LIZARDS have also released a live CD, entitled "They Live!" from the same tour, but a different gig. And now I'm looking forward to the third studio album, because they rule!