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This time, I want to introduce THE LAST VEGAS from Illinois, but they aren't a Doom or a Heavy Psych band .Their music is more influenced from 60's Garage, Power-Pop and early 70's proto-Punk bands, instead of BLACK SABBATH. This CD contains 3 songs ("Hitchiking to Hell" , "Like a Summers End" , "Do Me" ) which the band recorded in different studios during May and July 2000.

It's a good production and THE LAST VEGAS are playing their music solid and they add different instruments, like organ and harmonica to the songs. "Hitchiking to Hell" starts with a nice harmonica and especially the organ in "Like a Summers End", reminds me to the FUZZTONES and, in the middle of the song, to the DOORS. It gives the song a melancholy touch and beside the other two songs, that are more in a harder direction, it's shows this band from another side.

"Do Me", the last song, has some heavy riffs and it's my personal fave, together with "Like a Summers End". Since now they have played a lot of gigs in different American states and clubs, where they've earned a good reputation at all places, so they must be a well oiled live-machine. THE LAST VEGAS are searching for a record-label, which is interested in releasing a split 7", a compilation track or the full-length CD. I think, that the band is ready for it. But if you're also want to check out the music or buy this CD, then visit the website of THE LAST VEGAS.