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THE LAMP OF THOTH (Cauldron Of Witchery E.P.) MCD

The very first demo 'I Love The Lamp' caused quite a stir in 2006 in the Doom Metal underground and was one of the reasons why the English band THE LAMP OF THOTH was regarded as one of the hottest newcomers. One year later Miskatonic Foundation signed the band and released the 'Cauldron Of Witchery E.P.'as strictly limited 10", which was out of stock very soon.Fortunately the German record label Eyes Like Snow, a sub-division of Northern Silence, reissued the band's debut and extended it with two bonus live tracks. THE LAMP OF THOTH don't open a new chapter in the history of Doom, but their combination consisting of elements from the NWOBHM and the kind of Doom akin to early Saint Vitus has definitely some compelling moments. First there's the exceptionally voice from bassist Lord Strange, who reminds to Scott Reagers at times, but otherwise his style of singing unfolds its own menacing charme. Whereas the opener 'The Lamp Of Thoth' doesn't really convince me, the band manage to resurrect my unrestrained attention with the second song 'Sunshine'. It's not only the strong Saint Vitus influence here that I like, but also the solid riffing and the good arrangements. During the first three minutes the band trudges through a slow pace, but suddenly they break out and increase the speed. We all know this from the one and only Black Sabbath, but when it's played so good and powerful like here, it's always a pleasure to listen to this effective tempo change. Finally THE LAMP OF THOTH play a cover from Cirith Ungol's 'Frost & Fire'and that needs some sort of courage to play a song from this mighty US-Band. But THE LAMP OF THOTH persuade me here, too, because 'Frost & Fire' sounds like a self-penned track. The two bonus live-tracks 'Blood On Satan's Claw' and 'Into The Lair Of The Gorgon' have a rougher sound, and especially 'Blood On Satan's Claw' surprises me with an unexpected punk-drive. 'Cauldron Of Witchery'is a felicitous start from a sanguine band and the first album will show, what more THE LAMP OF THOTH have to offer.