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THE IMMORTAL LEE COUNTY KILLERS II. (Love Is A Charm Of Powerful Trouble) CD

Hey, it's Blues time! But not in the traditional way, folks. TILCK2 are a two piece, founded by guitarist and singer "El Cheetah" and "The Boss", who was later replaced by drummer J.R.R. Tokien, after the release of the debut album "The Essential Fucked Up Blues", that was released on Estrus Records, too. This title of the first album gives us a very good description of the here presented follow-up album, again released on Estrus which fits totally to this kind of music. This two guys are creating an infernal noise on their cheap equipment, and with the use of several effects as fuzz-bender or distortion, it's hard to imagine, that we aren't listening to four or five persons. If you know the Oblivians or T-Model Ford, you know what you can expect of this album. Half of the songs of this album are a pure aggressive distorted bluesy whirlwind, comparable to Crypt-like Punk stuff, while the other half is more like a tribute to the good ole Southern Delta Blues, including cover-versions of R.L.Burnside and Willie Dixon. I prefer these traditional performed tracks, although I really like the raw power (!) of the faster and harder stuff with its simple straight-forward grooves. And it's still full of soul and passion. It's not really the stuff I dig, because I belong to the blues purists, but I like to recommend this album to all fans of the above mentioned acts plus the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion or Pussy Galore. Check it out! Visit the ILCK2 homepage for the latest news and take a look at Estrus Records. I wonder, why they haven't signed with Fat Possum Records?